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The Monte Carlo Yachts Collection

Monte Carlo Yachts is a pioneering project in the Yachting World that breaks new ground. Genuinely Italian in its management, designers and artisanal skills, supported by the industrial strengths of French group Beneteau - the uncontested global leader in the production of sailboats, 2nd world boat manufacturer and among the 5 world power top players - Monte Carlo Yachts is dedicated to crafting timeless luxury yachts.

MCY 76 SKYLOUNGE New arrival

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MCY 66 New arrival

Grand in every little detail

At 20.11 mt, the new MCY 66 represents the result of the long-lasting collaboration with the Nuvolari Lenard Design Studio. MCY Collection’s iconic structure and recognizable profile, enhanced through innovative elements and craftsmanship’s evolution, result in sleeker lines and an harmonious shape.

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MCY 70 SKYLOUNGE New arrival

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MCY 70 New arrival

Beautifully Different
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MCY 76 New arrival

The Birth of a New, Timeless Elegance

The interiors are highlighted by three-dimensional
 decor elements combined with elegant and
 sophisticated pairing of fabrics and wood panels. Pierre Frey, Hermès and Rubelli textures are only a
few of the wide range of high quality materials chosen to furnish the new MCY 76. White and grey pickled oak woods combined with lacquered and reflective details enrich the elegant interior design from the main deck all the way thorough the lobby and the interior of each of the four cabins.

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MCY 80

A sophisticated yacht with distinguished flair and sleekness

At 24 meters, the new MCY 80 takes its place on the podium as the third largest yacht in the collection and delivers pure cruising pleasure alongside an unparalleled ride and comfort experience for everyone on-board. With smooth exterior lines and shaped bulwarks which enhance the level of light and space across the main deck, the MCY 80 boasts a curvy, modern look without being too sharp or minimalistic.

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MCY 86

In a Class of its Own

Every model in the Monte Carlo Yachts collection has the DNA and spaces of a larger yacht, and the MCY 86 shines as an exemplar of the boatyard’s vision and style. With five different layouts built using the most innovative patented production process in the industry, the MCY 86 is graced by inimitable design and a regal personality expressed by spacious guest areas, unprecedented levels of equipment, decors and furnishings.

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MCY 96

Pure ocean pleasure

At 30 meters, the MCY 96 takes the secon spot on the Monte Carlo Yacht’s size podium. Signed Nuvolari Lenard, the MCY 96 has been designed and developed for extended ocean voyages according to both Pleasure and Charter Yacht Rules, and may be also registered as a CE-A craft. Design and technical highlights include, bulwarks that are sensibly higher than the current fashion, and the wide overhanging side deck that gives good coverage from natural elements.

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MCY 105

A New Perspective in Yachting

The unveiling of the MCY 105, the largest to date, coincided with Monte Carlo Yachts’ five year anniversary, and the 32-metre flagship is the most tangible exemplification of the company’s vision and the best expression of Monte Carlo Yacht’s iconic, timeless style and the naval allure of its collection.

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